China – Experience wellness and health in the Middle Kingdom

Travel to China – Experience wellness and health

The country China can be combined very well with a wellness trip. Who decides for a journey into the so-called „country of the middle“, which will determine very fast that China has to offer many Wellness and leisure offers. Generally it can be said that in China wellness and health are actually inseparably connected with each other.

This alone shows the versatile possibilities to make a wellness vacation. The „Chinese medicine“, also called TCM, which has a long tradition or also the movement meditation Tai Chi and Qigong are part of this previously mentioned wellness offer.

This means that such a wellness trip in China includes both the „spa hotels“, as well as spiritual places and places to practice meditation.

China’s metropolises are also part of the wellness program

It offers itself to fly directly to the metropolis Shanghai. Once here, you have the opportunity to be picked up by a chauffeur of the selected hotel and to be driven directly to it. From your own hotel room, you can first of all admire the impressive skyline.

This said skyline should be taken in, because part of it is Shanghai’s landmark, namely the „Oriental Pearl Tower“. This is a television tower that is an astonishing 468 meters high. But there is one building that still towers above this colossus and that is the „World Financial Center“. This one measures an incredible 492 meters.

Who has let this sight first on itself work, which should go afterwards to the „Bund“. This is the famous waterfront of Shanghai. Here, traditional buildings such as the „Peace Hotel“, which was built in 1930, and also the „Bank of China“, from 1912, meet the modern and modern glass colossi.

Here you can, with a refreshing coconut, relax comfortably and enjoy the sun. At night, of course, this great city has a true Licherfest to offer, which is best viewed from the river „Huangpu“ should be visited. More information can be found on China Travel Guide.

Shanghai has of course also his „quiet“ sides

After you have let the impressive skyline and the river work on you, there is the possibility to go to the beautiful „Yu Garden“. This Chinese garden was already built in the 16. Century put on and remained untouched by the growing metropolis. Here you can relax wonderfully between water pavilions, curved walls, walkways, bridges, rocks and theater halls.

In addition to the mental relaxation that can definitely be found here, there is also the possibility to go to the tea house „Hu Xin Ting“. This is located directly at the gates of the „Yu Garden“ directly in the center of a lake and can be reached via a beautiful zigzag bridge.

If you want to relax physically, you should go to the Jade Buddha Temple&#8220. This temple is described by Buddhists as a kind of resting place in the center of this great metropolis. The building itself is already impressive and after a visit should be treated to a massage. Especially in China, especially foot reflexology massages have a long tradition.

The feet of each person have over 70 reflex zones, which in turn reflect all organs and body zones. So the Chinese are masters at massage. Of course, especially in the modern „Spa Hotels“ also full-body oil massages can be taken advantage of.

Being introduced to the physical culture of China outside of modern cities

If you want to practice shadow boxing, you should go to the „Puoto Mountains“. This shadow boxing or also called „Taijiquan, is at the same time a health exercise, which has a meditative character, but also a movement art. Furthermore, many very old monasteries can be visited and admired at this place.

An interesting list from Mawista offers the culture lovers an overview of the most beautiful places in China, here you can read more about it.

In general, it can be said that China has vast and beautiful natural landscapes that make it possible to relax the soul. Irrespective of whether this happens while hiking or, for example, while visiting the „Great Wall of China“.

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