Rose water and its many uses

Rose water and its uses

More and more people are turning to rose water, which is said to have many beneficial properties. But what is it actually and what is it used for? What points should be considered before acquiring the water? In this article it is explained.

What is rose water?

Rose water is obtained by steam distillation of rose petals. The process, which is also known as “rose petal distillation”, produces an essential water called rose water as a by-product.

Countries where it is grown include Morocco, Lebanon and Turkey. However, for the extraction of rose oil many flowers are needed, which makes the production particularly costly.

Nearly four tons of flowers are needed to obtain one liter of oil.

Rose water for the skin

Especially often the fragrant water is used for the skin, because it is now very popular as a moisturizer due to its balanced ph-value. It has an antibacterial effect, makes redness disappear and can even fix make-up, which is why it is so popular with women in particular.

Even in case of dry skin, many users use it especially as face water, as unlike many other products it does not dry out the skin. It also removes skin impurities and generally frees the skin from dirt.

The application of the special water is kept very simple. We show you how.

Rose water application

If you want to use the water for the skin, the process for this is very simple. Dab a cotton pad in the rose water and apply it to the skin areas (face, neck, etc).). Within a very short time you will notice a pleasant scent.

Despite the fact that the water has an antibacterial effect, it is still recommended to thoroughly clean the skin before use. By using the water, the skin is optimally cleansed and prepared for the next skin care treatment.

Buying rose water – What they should pay attention to everything

Unfortunately, there are countless suppliers who offer poor quality water. Therefore, before buying, some things should be considered, so as to minimize the risk of getting a bad product.

Consider the following things before buying:

  • 1. biological,
  • 2. cold-pressed,
  • 3. not refined,
  • 4. distilled,
  • 5. without additives,
  • 6. without alcohol,
  • 7. reputable country of origin.

Keep these points in mind and only choose a water that can meet these criteria. A well-known rose water, which meets these requirements, is the rose water of the brand Soummè.


Water, which is becoming more and more popular, is a true miracle product among the numerous skin care products. More and more users report visible positive changes in their skin and swear that it is related to the lovely smelling water.

However, numerous companies offer low-quality rose water, which is why it is especially important to consider some important criteria before buying it.

Rose water is also used in other areas. For example, it is also popular in cooking and baking. There are numerous recipes in forums and cooking and nutrition blogs. Also on Youtube there are suitable videos for this.

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