Arthrosis, the joint disease causes, treatment options

Arthrosis – pain in the joint

According to the federal health report, almost 30 percent of the German population between the ages of 40 and 50 suffer from osteoarthritis.

This disease, which is the most common joint disease, destroys the joint cartilage, and the capsule and surrounding muscles can also be affected.

The result is pain and the joint can no longer be moved without problems. But what is the cause of osteoarthritis?

What leads to painful arthrosis

Although osteoarthritis increasingly occurs at an older age, it is not an age-related disease. Even young people suffer from wear and tear in the joints.

Injuries and accidents are one cause, even small tears in ligaments or tendons are enough to affect the cartilage. Prolonged stress can also cause osteoarthritis.

Of course, this is especially true for occupational overloads, but genetic inheritance can also be the cause, not infrequently in conjunction with obesity.

In some people, the predisposition arises at birth due to the malposition of a joint.

Symptoms and treatment options

All these causes can produce feelings of tension and morning stiffness of the joints. Start-up pain is also typical for osteoarthritis, i.e. the first movements of the day cause pain, after which the pain decreases more and more.

Cracking sounds and swelling can also be symptoms of osteoarthritis. The more advanced the disease, the more frequently the symptoms occur.

Among other things, massage can be used as an osteoarthritis treatment.

The masseur works on the connective tissue, skin and muscles with special hand movements, massage oils intensify the effect, improve the muscle blood circulation and release the painful tensions.

The Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy is used in the last years more and more often for arthrosis. In this process, the masseur uses a massage stick with a tip that makes vibrating movements.

This stimulates the tense muscles, relieves tension and strengthens the joints.

Gout is also a painful joint disease

Another joint disease is gout, which is caused by excessive production of urates. A first symptom is an increased uric acid level and the resulting salts are deposited in the body and cause inflammation, which manifests itself as pain.

In addition to the pain in the joints, the kidneys can also be damaged. Men between the ages of 20 and 60 are most often affected, and twenty times more often than women.

Gout can also be inherited or triggered as a result of alcohol abuse and overeating. Massages are also helpful in this case. They help regulate blood circulation and stimulate metabolism.

Massage can also be used to act directly on the affected parts of the body, and it is especially important to keep doing movement exercises so that the joints do not stiffen up.

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