Strengthening the immune system in a natural way – Vitaphytol capsules in the test

Strengthen the immune defense in a natural way – Vitaphytol capsules in the test

Strengthening the immune system means specifically supporting the immune system and its defenses. Our immune system protects us from viruses, bacteria and fungi from an early age.

However, the reaction speed of the defense center decreases with increasing age.

An unbalanced diet, unhealthy habits and stress accelerate this process rapidly.

But there are solutions to strengthen the immune system and to support it naturally and effectively.

Strengthening the immune system through healthy nutrition

A well-considered and balanced diet can sustainably support the immune system. Many fruits and vegetables provide important vitamins and minerals that protect the body and activate the immune system.

Vitamin C is one of the most popular antioxidants of all. The vitamin performs indispensable tasks throughout the organism, a real all-purpose weapon in the fight against harmful invaders. We get vitamin C (ascorbic acid) from a wide variety of foods.

Kiwis, lemons and peppers, for example, can be cited as very high-quality suppliers. In addition, a continuous intake of vitamin D is recommended. For many people, vitamin D levels are too low when the sun is not shining.

This makes the body more susceptible to viruses and bacteria in winter. In nature, vitamin D u.a. in porcini mushrooms, oatmeal and sweet potatoes.

In addition, the body needs an adequate supply of essential omega 3 fatty acids. Excessive sugar consumption can strain the intestines and be responsible for obesity.

Therefore, one should limit the excessive consumption of sugary soft drinks and fast food. A healthy diet is our natural medicine!

Avoid toxins

Those who smoke and regularly drink alcohol in high moderation are endangering their health. Smoking is a real poison for the immune system. The search for harmful viruses and bacteria is greatly slowed down as a result.

Similarly, excessive consumption of alcohol, which inhibits important proteins for several hours. As a result, the immune system is significantly more susceptible to infections.

In addition, there is brain cell loss and a higher risk of organ damage. Who defeats its addictions, does in many cases also its environment a large favor.

Passive smokers suffer from the consequences of toxic smoke and excessive alcohol consumption can lead to dire social consequences.

Strengthening our immune system through sports activities

Those who exercise boost their cardiovascular system and thus strengthen their defenses. It’s never too late to start exercising or doing special exercises.

However, beginners should start slowly to avoid injuries. Often, even short walks in the fresh air are enough to do this. Another bonus: regular exercise sessions help relieve stress.

Strengthen the immune system by walking in nature

Strengthen the immune system with Vitaphytol capsules

Vitaphytol capsules are supposed to support the immune system in the fight against stubborn viruses, bacteria and other invaders. The active ingredient is based on a combination of vitamin C, echinacea and propolis.

Vitamin C is a highly effective agent with an antioxidant effect. It supports the defense cells in the fight against harmful pathogens and has been shown to contribute to normal immune system function.

The vital active ingredient also promotes collagen formation and reduces fatigue. Vitamin C is a real all-rounder. Echinacea supports the body in the fight against respiratory infections and flu.

The coneflower extract has a stimulating effect on the cells. Propolis is a putty resin produced by bees that has an anti-inflammatory and health-promoting effect on the body.

Vitaphytol combines all these active ingredients in a single capsule. But what about the intake?


2 capsules per day are recommended for sustained strengthening of the immune system. This amount should already be enough to strengthen the body’s defenses for the entire day.

A big advantage is the unproblematic intake: The natural dietary supplement in capsule form is well tolerated and can be taken very easily.

As a result, the body can rely on the high-quality protection around the clock. It is advisable to take the capsules continuously, if possible, to support the immune system throughout.

For an uncomplicated intake, the capsules should be taken with sufficient water.

Vitaphytol replaces a healthy diet?

Clear no! Vitaphytol is a natural nutritional supplement. In general, dietary supplements do not replace a balanced diet.

To strengthen the immune system in the long term, experts recommend a balanced and healthy diet.

In theory, experts and self-proclaimed nutritionists have been arguing for years about “the best form of nutrition”. While the Paleo diet swears by a historic diet, countless people are convinced by a meat-free diet.

Regardless of this, the enormous importance of vitamins and minerals is emphasized again and again. Vitaphytol supports a healthy diet without replacing it.

In addition to a healthy diet, experts emphasized the helpful influence of physical activity. Outdoor exercise is the optimal option to soak up sunlight (cue vitamin D) while strengthening the cardiovascular system.

As a result, the body produces more and more cells that fight the pesky invaders. But beware! Especially beginners should take it slow at the beginning. The motto is: “Less is sometimes more!” Nobody wants to suffer from long lasting injuries after a short period of time.

That’s why you shouldn’t rush it with the exposure. Small walks can already help to strengthen the immune system.

In addition, especially with increasing age, one should pay attention to a sufficient water intake. Water is the natural “gasoline” for the cells!

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