IPL hair removal compared to professional treatment

IPL hair removal compared to professional treatment in an institute

You have been dreaming for years about putting the razor away forever and having permanently smooth and supple skin on your legs, armpits and intimate area? Then you should take a closer look at IPL hair removal, with which sustainable hair removal is now also possible in your own four walls.

In this article we would like to answer the question how IPL differs from laser hair removal and what should be considered when using this method. If you still have questions about the method, we can recommend the following website: https://haare-ratgeber.en/ipl hair removal. And now go: Look forward to an informative article.

Laser vs. IPL hair removal

Even though both technologies are based on a similar way of working, there are a few subtle differences: the IPL devices work with sog. Xenon lamps, which emit broadband light pulses. The broadband light also treats surrounding hairs.

In the institute usually sog. Diode laser used, which irradiate the hair more focused.

In this respect, faster visible results can be expected. The hair removed by the IPL devices resp. the light emitted by the laser is absorbed by the color pigment melanin in the hair and then passed on to the hair root.

Melanin is also responsible for the thermal reaction that occurs under the skin: to be more precise, light is converted into heat.

High temperatures are generated, which cause the biological function of the hair to be lost. The hair follicles are obliterated and no longer grow back.

A doctor’s opinion about IPL laser hair removal

Comparison of costs for sustainable hair removal

Who wants to remove hair forever, should be aware of the high initial cost. First of all it should be said: The purchase of an IPL device is usually much cheaper than the treatment in an institute. Depending on the manufacturer and the method of operation, prices of 100-400 euros can be expected.

If you rely on a professional treatment in an institute, you will quickly reach the four-digit range. Just a single session to treat the legs costs between 50-120 euros. For normal body hair usually 7-8 sessions are due.

IPL vs. Laser: What studies say..

Numerous studies have shown that the effectiveness of the two methods is about the same, despite the use of a diode laser in the institute. One should consider the more expensive treatment with a doctor or a trained cosmetician therefore well.

Therefore IPL..

  • The methods is cheaper than a normal laser hair removal.
  • The method is as effective as a treatment in the institute.
  • The devices can be used for all areas of the body.
  • IPL hair removal is gentle on the skin and painless (of course, only if used correctly)!).
  • The innovative light hair removers can be used by the whole family.
  • The hair can grow back after years. If you have an IPL device at home, you do not have to go to an institute again.

By the way: Did you know that IPL devices for home use have only been available for a few years?? At that time, for sustainable hair removal, a visit to an institute was mandatory.

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