Hydrogen, fullerene carbon C 60 and minerals

Hydrogen, fullerene carbon C 60 and minerals – cornerstones of our health?

In the meantime many reports about the effects of hydrogen have been published in Germany. In the “Internet” have – probably also because of the new hype – many stores products that are to develop H2 put in the store.

But as with everything, you should also have enough expertise to offer products that are used for health. The user now has a hard time recognizing this and is simply overwhelmed.

My tip: The Molecular Hydrogen Institute in America was the first institute to offer H2 Advisor training.

H2-Aqua.org, as an independent association for hydrogen and browns gas in Europe, has taken over this. Thus, one should first look to see if a provider has also undergone training from the two institutions.

hydrogen is the most common atom in the universe

To the o.a. So the topic you need to know that hydrogen is present in almost everything and in various forms and compounds. Z.B. hydrogen peroxide is an absolutely different form than molecular hydrogen gas.

Hydrogen is also present in water (H2O), but this is a “burnt hydrogen” which can never have the effect of H2.

Which hydrogen then has this anti aging and energy effect?

H2 is a molecule that has a neutral charge and therefore passes through the cell wall even better than a negatively charged electron. It is so small that on the width of a hair 6 million molecules can be strung together.

In more than 1.000 clinical studies, reviews and medical articles, this has been proven to be effective in more than 170 disease models and without side effects.

H2 can be helped by:

  • its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects,
  • Its effect as a signal molecule,
  • in gene and cell expression,
  • by raising your own immune defenses and your own antioxidant enzymes,
  • increase of ATP production, which is the energy source of our mitochondria.

Minerals, such as magnesium, potassium and bicarbonate are essential minerals that have immense effects, not only on the muscles.

For example, magnesium can be very effective in heart disease, and if a heart attack is present, a high dose of magnesium can help very quickly.

Fullerene C 60 is a carbon that is spherical antioxidant and can also make the hydrogen work longer. So the antioxidant power can be increased up to 5 times.

The antioxidant vitamin C, on the other hand, is a dwarf. Fullerene C 60 has more than confirmed its effectiveness with more than 1300 studies and is therefore one of the important components.

This mixture is currently unique and promises high effects at low cost. But what exactly are these effects that are so often reported about?

  • Clearer thinking,
  • higher energy level,
  • more power for sport and work,
  • shorter regeneration times,
  • Improving the threshold,
  • supports the mitochondria,
  • Anti aging on skin and in the organs,
  • Minimization of pain,
  • Improvements in chronic diseases.

Here are some reports from users of this natural improvement at the molecular level:

Heike R. from Kronberg
Hello dear ones from Aquacell, I received the H2 Tabs and put them directly in a bottle of water. Of course also drank from it. First of all it tastes better than before. Then I notice how it does me good, I become clearer. I also use it as beauty water and the skin tightens a bit, which is a good sign. Many thanks. You made good water out of my bad water.

Barbara Manthey NRW
Hello I give the tabs to my mother (87) after hip – surgery. Although the operation was more difficult and took longer than expected, it is well on its way. To the surprise of the doctors she has recovered quickly, needs almost no painkillers anymore, is full of energy and motivation and as I find also mentally very active. This is how it can continue.😀

Achim Zimmermann“ Triatlon athlete Baden W├╝rttemberg
„Hello, I just came from vacation on Mallorca, there I had on the first day a racing bike accident (was knocked down by a car). Had very severe bruises and very pronounced abrasions with bruises. On the second day the doctor asked me what I was doing, he had never seen anyone with such a good wound healing. What did I do, I drank 1.5 H2 water. So put with 3 tablets. On the third day no more bruise was visible. Kind regards

Gaby W. from Baden W├╝rttemberg
For many years I have been treated by Ostheopaten, because I almost always have severe pain in my left leg. Since I take the water with H2, I have no more pain. When I drove back from the Baltic Sea (where I was allowed to test it) to BW, the pain started again and only stopped when I took my „Burner“(the H2 Tabs) again.

Harry P from Bremen
Harry P from Bremen From drinking water with the H2 tabs I notice a mental clarity as well as freshness. Furthermore, I have noticed that the completely un(natural) everyday stress has much less of an effect on me. The taste with one tablet in a 1 liter bottle is still not as affected as 2 tabs on a liter. Therefore I dose according to the motto, less is more.

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