The natural anti-wrinkle effect with a hyaluron serum

Natural anti-wrinkle effect with a hyaluron serum

Hyaluron serum is a fluid that is characterized by a natural anti-wrinkle effect. It gives the skin a fresher appearance. Hyaluron has the property to bind a lot of water to itself. Thus it has a plumping effect.

It is already present in your own body and fulfills many important functions. Hyaluronic acid is actually a salt and is stored in the skin and connective tissue, thus ensuring a firm and elastic tissue.

Furthermore, hyaluron has a great importance for joints and also eyes.

Hyaluron – Fields of application

The concentration of this endogenous molecule decreases with increasing age. This aspect leads to the fact that many people need additional hyaluron sooner or later, no matter if medically necessary or for cosmetic reasons.

In medicine, the active ingredient is often injected directly into the affected area with a syringe. If you have problems with your joints, this is a widespread approach.

Mostly arthritis is responsible for joint pain. In this case hyaluron is injected for treatment. This supports the mobility of the joint.

Furthermore, hyaluronic-based eye drops are recommended when, for example, there is too little tear fluid to keep the eye moist. To prevent drying of the nasal mucosa, hyaluron is also used in nasal sprays.

One of the biggest applications is of course the cosmetic industry.

Hyaluronic acid exists in both high – and low molecular form. Thus it develops the property to unfold its effect in several skin layers. It tightens different layers of the skin.

But not only to tighten the skin and provide a better skin appearance, hyaluron is very suitable, it also allows the reduction of dark circles and age spots.

Hyaluron is very popular as a cosmetic active ingredient, as all skin types are suitable for treatment. It is often used as a serum, gel or cream.

Remarkably, hyaluron can bind 1000 times its own weight in water. This is the property of the high molecular weight part. The low-molecular part provides the deep effect. It combines with keratin and is responsible for the long-term effect.

Hyaluron is very popular for wrinkle injections and is also used for breast and lip augmentation.

Hyaluron was chemically isolated for the first time in 1934. Since 1997, the preparations are fermented with the help of bacteria. As a result, there is no longer any risk of animal protein residues finding their way into the human body.

Hyaluron is sold as a gel, serum, cream or capsule. Very high quality standards apply.

Hyaluron – side effects

Side effects are primarily mechanical in nature and always reversible. This includes swelling and skin discoloration. The risk of such phenomena is increased when injecting the active ingredient, but negligible when applying it superficially.

Since hyaluron is water-binding, there is an increase in volume. Thus, there is a possibility that small vessels are squeezed. This causes an obstruction of blood flow and lymphatic flow, which in turn contributes to these small swellings.

As hyaluron is a substance that already exists naturally in your body, the allergy risk is very low.

COSPHERA Hyaluron Serum

The COSPHERA Hyaluron Serum is equally suitable for men and women. It is applied externally to the corresponding skin areas. Hyaluron serum is suitable for all skin types.

It is characterized by its very good tolerability, therefore an application also in the eye area is completely harmless. Here you can act very specifically against dark circles and small wrinkles.

Mechanisms of action of the COSPHERA Hyaluron Serum

The serum puts its main focus on moisturizing the skin. The high-dose hyaluronic acid has a moisture-binding effect and causes a significantly reduced water loss from the skin.

The active ingredient penetrates deep into the different layers of the skin, thus increasing its elasticity. You will achieve the best effect if you apply the hyaluron serum in the morning and in the evening.

Due to the fluid nature, the distribution on the skin is very pleasant and easy and does not leave an annoying film. The Hyaluron Serum is transparent, odorless and fat-free.

Since the serum is not greasy, you can use it perfectly as a base for your make up. For men it is particularly suitable for after shave care.

Combine Hyaluron Serum and Hyaluron Performance Cream with each other and you will be convinced of the result. With regular use, you will achieve a much younger skin appearance.

Ingredients of the COSPHERA Hyaluron Serum

Cosphera Hyaluron Serum contains neither alcohol, mineral oil nor fragrances and is a purely vegan product. It has not been tested on animals.

Other ingredients of the serum are: Water, Pentylene, Glycol, Sodium, Hyaluronate, Xanthan Gum, Calcium Pantothenate, Acetyl, Glucosamine, Sodium Citrate and Citric Acid.


The COSPHERA Hyaluron Serum produced in Germany has highly effective long-term – and immediate effects. Your skin looks younger and fresher, thanks to the high-dose hyaluronic acid with low – and high-molecular components.

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