Method Phytomassopodia from the Nature Institute

Method Phytomassopodia from the Nature Institute

Phytomassopodia® is the first patented method to combine five university disciplines for your well-being:

– Kinesology / science of motor function,
– Physiotherapy,
– Podiatry,
– Thermal medicine,
– Phytology (medicinal herbology).

The result of the research project, which was conducted under the direction of Prof. G. Mazzocco (University of Padua) in collaboration with Dr. A. Mazzocco (Dr. of physiatry – center of the foot in Venice) and Dr. R. Paladin (specialized doctor in medicinal herbology and medicinal herbal cosmetics) is the method that revives the ancient massage ritual of the Roman baths with the Podostrigiles.

This massage starts from the foot and shows an extensive effect:

– Relaxing,
– Detoxifying,
– Provides psychosomatic energy balance,
– Reactivates the microcirculation of the blood and lymphatic fluid,
– Helps against swellings, rheumatisms, cramps, Iperhydrose (strong sweating) or against dry skin,
– Improves the support of the foot on the ground, doing good to the back and consequently to the whole „kinetic chain“.

Thanks to this unique characteristic as a holistic method, it surpasses the principles of foot reflexology massage. A treatment lasts 50 minutes and is performed exclusively by people trained according to the criteria of the WFA Wellness from Feet Academy.

The treatment includes:

– detoxification of the foot,
– Releasing blockages through passive and active podokinesiology,
– Wraps with cold or warm herbal packs,
– 3 types of manual massages,
– 3 types of massages with podostrigiles,
– Incorporating 5 different products made from essential oils of wild grown herbs.

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