Natural pharmacy – herbs in autumn winter – the green way to healing

Natural pharmacy with herbs in autumn and winter

How our immune system can best get through the dark months with natural pharmacy, herbs and traditional home remedies is shown by Judith Koch in her new book.

Especially in the damp and cold seasons of our latitudes, lack of health is most often manifested in the form of colds.

But also chronically ill organs, which are heat-loving, report themselves increasingly in autumn and winter. And the psyche also needs support.

This book should be a support to alleviate and perhaps even heal the everyday health problems.

It accompanies through autumn and winter with many recipes, healing methods and great health tips.

What herbs and roots can be harvested, inhalation herbs, bladder and cough teas, healing mucilages, essential oils, spice medicines, medicinal wines, seeds u.v.m..

The author has in her first volume “Healing naturally with herbs and traditional home remedies – Finding and maintaining alkaline balance with simple and effective recipes!” Spring and summer discussed.

The Green Way to Healing is now the supplement for the cold season, but can also be read as an independent work.

The green way to healing – Natural pharmacy – Autumn & Winter

Freya Publishing House
1. edition 2021
Softcover with flaps, four colors throughout, with many photos
264 pages, format: 17 x 22 cm
ISBN 978-3-99025-506-3
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About the author

Judith Koch, born in 1964, is a trained herbalist, author and expert advisor to a major trade journal that reports on healing and care according to ancient tradition.

The old knowledge about the stories of plants and their beneficial effects on people she regularly passes on lectures.

She lives with her family on the Rhine, the forests and fields at the foot of the eastern Eifel are her oversized garden of nature, where she finds herbs and roots for healing and for cooking.

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