Chia seeds – Top 5 reasons why they are particularly healthy

Chia seeds – Top 5 healthy reasons

At FoodFitness, Chia Seeds have been making the rounds for some time and they are on everyone’s lips – literally! – and are considered particularly healthy.

But what is in the seeds? Where do they come from and why are they healthy? In this article, you will learn the top 5 reasons why chia seeds are good for your health!

Superfood of the Aztecs: Mexican Chia Seed

For a long time Chia seeds regular in oblivion. Only in the last few years, a boom in Chia has emerged. The sage plant was already popular with the Mayans and Aztecs.

Already over 5000 years the plant was popular with people. Nevertheless, it reached only in the 15. the European continent in the 21st century.

Especially today, chia is considered a popular addition to muesli, protein bars or in baking. Meanwhile, it is also proven that Chia contains many healthy substances. But why is chia considered healthy?

Reason no. 1 – Chia seeds are good for the circulation

The seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, first and foremost the so-called Alpha-linolenic acid. These fatty acids have a positive effect on cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure.

Both factors play important roles in Cardiovascular diseases. In particular, people with high blood pressure may benefit from consuming chia under certain circumstances. Because the seeds have a blood pressure lowering effect.

Reason No. 2 – Chia seeds are good for the stomach and intestines

Flatulence, constipation and problems with heartburn can be improved or prevented completely by taking Chia seeds. The seeds have a high content of Dietary fiber.

These are important to promote healthy intestinal activity. This restores calm to the intestines, because irregular digestion can be successfully prevented by the intake of dietary fiber.

At the same time, the Chia seeds bind a lot of liquid in themselves. This ensures that the seeds in the Stomach and intestines swell particularly strongly, so that the saturation feeling lasts for a long time.

The dietary fibers contained are additionally water-soluble. This stimulates Intestinal activity to. Thus Chia helps with stool problems just as with a Irritable bowel syndrome and with Heartburn.

Specifically, the seeds can help with heartburn: Because they absorb and bind fluid, they prevent too much stomach acid from entering the esophagus.

Reason no. 3 – Chia seeds help with weight loss and dehydration
Who wants to reduce weight benefits from Chia as well as people who tend to store too much water. In both cases, the seeds help to get rid of the ballast (water, fat, toxins …).

The seeds help the body to excrete excess water, as they Liquid bind and swell. At the same time, the dietary fibers ensure that digestion gets going and the feeling of satiety lasts longer.

Thus can be effectively Avoiding ravenous appetite attacks and the daily Improve calorie balance for weight loss.

Reason No. 4 – Chia seeds relieve the pancreas
Another reason that speaks for Chia seeds is their effect on the Blood sugar level. If there is a lot of quickly usable sugar in the blood, the pancreas secretes more of it Insulin out to break down the glucose quickly. This causes the sugar level in the body to rise quickly and fall again just as quickly.

The problem with this is that the sinking occurs at a level below the normal sugar level. The body reacts to this with the signs of hypoglycemia. It is different with the consumption of Chia seeds.

Since the body digests the chia seeds only slowly due to the fiber, the blood sugar level remains constant. This stable blood sugar levels Prevents the body from sending cravings signals or reacting with fatigue after a meal.

Especially at breakfast, together with a yogurt or a muesli, the seeds unfold their healthy effect.

Reason no. 5 – Chia seeds contain valuable minerals and vitamins

In addition to a high content of fiber, the seeds of the plant are characterized by other valuable ingredients. Chia seeds are rich in important minerals. These include magnesium and zinc as well as vitamins A, B1, B3, B6 and vitamin E.

In addition, the seeds contain high amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Iron, manganese, copper and calcium are other building blocks that are valuable for the body.

All these ingredients together ensure that the body is healthy and efficient remains.

Conclusion – The healthy effect of Chia seeds

Chia is not known as a superfood for nothing. You can quickly incorporate them into your daily diet with one of the Chia recipes.

Their first-class composition with valuable minerals and vitamins ensures that the seeds have the Support health.

They have a positive effect on all areas of the body: The heart, blood and vessels are strengthened as well as the stomach and intestinal function.

At the same time, the seeds are suitable to successfully lose weight and drain the body. Thus, the seeds from Mexico rightly bear the designation Superfood.

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