Holistic health – treatments are becoming more and more popular

Holistic health becomes ever more popular

Holistic health means strengthening one’s own body and activating self-healing powers instead of treating symptoms. More and more people are taking a liking to this approach. An important aspect here is psychological appeal, belief in oneself and in the cure.

Increased sales of treatments Holistic health

A look at the forecast of sales development in alternative medical practices shows an indication of this. The data from 2009 to 2012 comes from the Federal Statistical Office and shows a steady increase, from 93.67 to 99.51 million euros.

By 2018, the increase is expected to continue to 111.5 million euros in sales, according to Statista’s forecast.

Inspired by homeopathy

Homeopathy is based on the assumption that similar things can be treated with similar things. As an example one can mention the sting of a bee. The bee’s venom triggers an itching and burning pain, and in some people even an allergic reaction.

According to the homeopathic approach, this complaint is combated with the same venom, but only in a very diluted form. In this way the immune system is stimulated and the self-healing powers activated.

Placebo as the strongest principle of action

One speaks of a placebo effect when the belief in the effect of a drug achieves the effect and not the drug itself. Several experiments from the placebo research prove it.

These trials are usually conducted as so-called double-blind studies. This meant that neither trial participants nor study directors knew whether the pill was a drug or not.

If a symptom improvement also occurs when an ineffective pill has been administered, this is called a placebo effect. To what extent this can be used for medicine is in the interest of research. In T├╝bingen, Hamburg, Essen and Marburg are centers of placebo research in Germany.

At the same time, sugar pills and fake surgeries are merely a means to an end. The point is to inspire confidence.

If doctors succeed in addressing the patient, the body’s own painkillers such as dopamine are released and the self-healing powers are set in motion.

The results show that every doctor has a particularly strong agent in his practice: Confidence. Positive thinking and belief in healing are two underestimated medicines that activate self-healing. In this way, every person can draw from his or her personal pharmacy.

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