Secret weapon against hospital germs

Secret weapon against hospital germs

Deadly hospital germs have now become an incalculable risk for the entire population. It is not only in hospitals that the burden of antibiotic-resistant germs has risen dramatically; the pathogens have also appeared on the railroads. But now there is a process promoted by the German government that can put an end to the highly dangerous MRSA germs and protect the population. It consists of the analytical ingredients of milk and was developed by leading hospital scientists such as Dr. med. Klaus Dieter Zastrow tested.

More and more new germ scandals worry the population. And the danger posed by MRSA germs continues to increase. The federal Department of Health found in a hospital study that exposure to germs resistant to broad-spectrum antibiotics has increased by 50 to 200 percent in the past five years. Medicine is seemingly helpless in the face of this problem. The reason: the aggressive pathogens always form new variants. A horror scenario not only for hospital patients, because now the killer germs have also been discovered in an ICE train.

For protection, a simple as well as gentle fogging process has now been brought forth that takes the scare out of dangerous viruses, bacteria, germs, molds, salmonella and other harmful pathogens. The composition of the highly effective bio-mist is analytically comparable with a milk product, as experts have confirmed.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) are germs that can cause wound infections and respiratory tract inflammation in humans, among other things, and are resistant to certain antibiotics. In the meantime, more than 15.000 deaths in Germany alone that can be traced back to infections with MRSA. In the past, the germ occurred primarily in hospitals, where it is transmitted from person to person. In recent years, an increasing number of cases have also been registered in which people outside hospitals had become infected. MRSA is also detected in farm animals and in food, which can thus be a source of infection for humans.

To the procedure:

Based on an automatic application technique, the natural active ingredient L.O.G. (lord of the germs, based on drinking water with small amounts of food processing aids, which are analytically similar to the known ingredients of dairy products) microfine distributed in the room air. Due to the small particle size, an active ingredient fraction remains permanently in suspension and behaves just like airborne particles. On the other hand, larger active ingredient particles behave just like larger microorganisms – they sediment depending on time and air movement. Thus, the applied method works particularly well on surfaces such as commodities. In the same way, airborne germs (coughing, sneezing, etc.) are not affected by the mist.), which are brought into the breathing zone by air currents (droplet infection), can be safely combated before any damage can occur. The new hygienic techniques are available for private households as small devices up to system technology for nursing homes, hospitals, ships, etc. Available in all size variants.

To the developer:

For some time now, the natural substances of the so-called AIR SOLUTION process have also been successfully used for hygienic protection in food production and as a safe alternative to chemicals. The method is also used in the highly sensitive area of organic food production and has proven itself there, which further underlines its harmlessness.

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