Antalya – Our ten insider tips for a great vacation there

Ten insider tips for a great vacation in Antalya

Antalya is a popular vacation paradise in Turkey. Every year it attracts many thousands of visitors and of course as a tourist you want to know what sights and co. one should not miss. Throughout the region there is something for everyone. You do not have to limit yourself to sightseeing, nature or culture, but just the mix makes Antalya so interesting.

Of course, besides the hustle and bustle of the city, you can also spend a few relaxing hours on the beach or in the countryside. Likewise, there are numerous restaurants, bars and cafes in Antalya. Everyone will get their money’s worth here and simply enjoy their vacation. A lot of interesting information can be found at www.antalya-in.en experienced.

These are the must-see destinations in and around Antalya

1. Keykubat Beach
This sandy beach is a real splendor and on average 40 meters wide. For several kilometers you can do all kinds of water sports or just relax.

2. Golden Orange Film Festival
From 8. to 14. October takes place every year the biggest film festival in Turkey. If you have the opportunity, then you should travel at this time. There are always new films presented and you can also meet one or the other star.

3. Phaselis
The ancient city is one of the main attractions of Antalya. Only 53 kilometers from the city and yet you will be immersed in a completely different world. You can get to know the ancient traditions and history of the country particularly well here.

4. Tahtali panorama
This Swiss aerial cableway is a must on an Antalya trip. It is not only an adventure to ride the cable car, but you also get a unique view over the Turkish Riviera and nearby cities.

5. Karain Cave
At a distance of about 30 kilometers from Antalya you will discover the Karain Cave. This is one of the most worth seeing dripstone caves of the country and offers visitors a unique insight into the mountain world of Turkey and its hidden treasures.

6. Yivli Minare Mosque
If you should visit Antalya, then the Yivli-Minare-Mosque simply belongs to it. This mosque is the landmark of the city and has a 38 meter high brick minaret. Several times a day you can attend the religious service.

7. Saklikent ski resort
Skiing in Turkey? Of course it is possible! From December to mid-April you can enjoy winter sports in this ski resort. The ski resort is located at an altitude of about 2000 meters and offers an incredible panoramic view.

8. Kaleici
The old town of Antalya is beautiful and offers a great insight into the history of the city. You will find hundreds of stores, hamams, teahouses, cafes and much more. Certainly the various sights will also score points, as well as the signs of the old times.

9. Kursunlu waterfall
If you want to get some distance from the exciting big city, then the Kursunlu waterfall is the right address. You can discover here several waterfalls on different levels. In addition, there are still a dreamlike environment and various hiking trails.

10. Olympos
For this beauty you have to travel a little further, but it will be worth it. 72 kilometers from Antalya, the ancient city on the east coast of Lycia boasts numerous medieval buildings and interesting attractions.

Health care in Turkey

There is a public health care system in Turkey, which is dominated by traditional medicine. If a tourist becomes ill, he is well advised with a good travel insurance policy. At www.allianz travel insurance.Here you will find all the information you need to get through your vacation in the best possible way.

In addition, a well-organized medicine cabinet is highly recommended for any trip. However, if medical help is really needed, it is advisable to have enough money with you, so that the first aid can be given quickly and smoothly. After that, the costs incurred are reimbursed by travel insurance.

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