Avatar® – A voyage of discovery into consciousness

Avatar® – A voyage of discovery into consciousness

Avatar® consciousness training from America has been taught in 66 states around the world for nearly 20 years and has enriched the lives of thousands of people. At numerous lectures in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, people can now gain practical experience in using the Avatar® materials and exercises themselves.

Beliefs shape life, consciously or unconsciously. This insight is the starting point of the Avatar® course, which aims to explore human consciousness, to detect self-limiting beliefs and to dissolve them. Within nine days, the world of a person who works on himself with the experiential Avatar® exercises can change fundamentally. Self-sabotaging behavior patterns can be released, as well as old traumas and fears.

The course, which is often referred to as „Western Zen“, was developed by educational psychologist Harry Palmer from America, who combined numerous suggestions from the West and East into a workable whole and developed a powerful tool for dealing with beliefs and emotions. Those who use Avatar® usually experience a more harmonious relationship, happier relationships, a more satisfying professional life and more success and joy in life.

„If we perceive that we differ from each other only by our beliefs and that these can be created and ‘uncreated’ with ease, then the game of right and wrong will come to an end and world peace will follow“, Harry Palmer is convinced. He chose the name „Avatar®“ for his course because he sees it as a way to awaken from the illusion of the ego in everyday life to the true and innermost self, to that self that knows exactly the personal path and the visions of the heart.

Even Buddhist nuns and monks have taken the Avatar® consciousness training, which is compatible with any belief system. In order to facilitate the access to these tools for interested people who have not yet made acquaintance with Avatar®, a new lecture was developed, which can now be experienced in numerous German-speaking cities.

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