Sustainability in everyday life – what to look for in cosmetics

Natural cosmetics are becoming more and more popular

Many people are thinking about their own lifestyles in times of climate change and related public actions. Some people do without plastic bags, switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle, or use different cosmetics than before. Even if it may not seem effective at first, the change can have a lasting positive effect on cosmetics.

What to look for in cosmetics nowadays?

Cosmetics are subject to strict guidelines and control functions as well as labeling obligations. However, the names on the packaging can be misleading or difficult for the consumer to understand. Occasionally it is also possible that supposed core information is not given or is given incorrectly.

For products that have a direct impact on human health when in contact with the skin, one should be and remain demanding in terms of labeling.

How does it work with the sustainability of cosmetics?

Some have moved on to making their own cosmetic products. However, this means that you have to be familiar with the raw materials and processing procedures in order to be able to produce the desired cosmetic product yourself at your own kitchen table. Unfortunately, few can do this, and even fewer people have the time to acquire this knowledge additionally.

This circumstance is used by some companies to put cosmetics into circulation according to the specifications of their customers. Unfortunately, these are mostly niche companies, which are accordingly price demanding. Moreover, the search for products and companies offering such products is difficult. Fortunately, however, larger companies have already noticed the customer demand for alternative cosmetics.

However, the company “Inglot” combines years of experience in the field of cosmetics with the emerging desire for sustainability and has already been able to inspire many European markets. Now the company “Inglot” is also in Germany and inspires its customers with great cosmetics.

What is great about Inglot?

In addition to products with ingredients of traditional origin, Inglot also offers cosmetics that are declared as vegan. This means that Inglot has completely dispensed with ingredients of animal origin in the production and thus not only perceived the customer request, but also implemented it immediately.

Regardless of which product is needed, for all occasions there is also a vegan alternative product – this applies in the area of “face and eyes” or for products which are lip cosmetics. Likewise, vegan nail products can be purchased from Inglot.

Is Inglot the sole supplier of vegan cosmetic products?

Inglot is not alone on the market in offering vegan cosmetic products, but the company’s many years of experience in the cosmetics sector, coupled with its knowledge of many international markets, can only be an advantage, especially in the demanding “vegan” sector.

Inglot fits ideally into the everyday life of environmentally conscious consumers due to the variety of cosmetic products and is just waiting to be discovered and tried out.

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