Dandelion as a slimming pusher – ideal spring cure in winter

Slimming pusher dandelion

Every child knows the dandelion with its funny dandelions. It can be found in almost all meadows, but only a few people today know its positive properties as a medicinal and culinary plant. Its botanical name is Taraxacum officinale.

Our ancestors used it for chronic joint diseases, severe skin diseases, rheumatic complaints, kidney problems, liver and gall bladder diseases and dropsy.

The leaves, flowers and roots of the dandelion are used for medicinal purposes. Its active ingredients include bitter substances, vitamins, minerals, choline and inulin.

Dandelion for the spring cure in winter

Like many spring plants, the dandelion has a pronounced blood-cleansing power. It is therefore ideal for a typical spring diet.

In fact, it stimulates all the digestive organs, as well as the kidneys and bladder, eliminating old waste and toxins. It also supports our fat digestion and thus helps to break down fats better.

Very popular is a so-called blood cleansing tea with dandelion, which is drunk over a longer period of time. Particularly however now in the dark season the dandelion performs large services.

There is more feasting and snacking during this time, especially at Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Here dandelion helps to digest the calorie bombs more easily. It ensures that these do not settle so quickly on hips and Co.

Pounds tumble more easily

First and foremost, dandelion is an effective companion for weight loss, because its ingredients boost the metabolism.

Whether tea, tablets or juice – it acts like a house cleaning from the inside. After a dandelion cure one feels clearly relieved. The skin will look radiant and clean and the pounds will fall off much more easily.

Different dosage forms

In pharmacies, drugstores and health food stores you can get the necessary dandelion herb for a tea infusion. Who would like it a little more comfortably, which can take also dandelion tablets or dandelion juice.

SOURCE: The new slimming pushers – the BoD bestseller by Vanessa P. Halen. ISBN 3-8334-1473-1

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