Osteopathic treatments – High reimbursements for adults and children

High reimbursement for osteopathy treatments

More and more people are opting for complementary natural healing methods (acupuncture, homeopathy, anthroposophic medicine, osteopathic treatments) as a supplement to conventional medical therapies. Germany’s most athletic health insurance company VIACTIV supports osteopathic treatments for adults and children with high reimbursements of up to 360 euros per year.

Osteopathy treatments – gentle help for many complaints

Osteopathy is a manual healing method on a holistic level with a high potential of effectiveness. This form of therapy goes far beyond the treatment of the musculoskeletal system and has long since proven itself as a gentle remedy for many complaints. As a holistic method of examination and treatment, osteopathy encompasses therapy of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, internal organs and tissues. Osteopathic medicine is so sensitive that it is even suitable for babies.

The osteopath diagnoses and treats without drugs or aids only with his hands. Using targeted hand movements, the osteopath detects dysfunctions in the body, feels tensions, loosens muscle tissue and releases blockages. Using the power of the hands in interaction with the body’s tissues, qualified therapists mobilize self-healing forces, eliminate dysfunctions and restore patients to their inner balance.

However, numerous health insurance companies exclude osteopathic treatments from their benefit portfolio. Not so VIACTIV. The sports health insurance is open-minded towards natural therapies. VIACTIV supports the otherwise privately paid holistic healing method osteopathy for a sustainable health.

Performance plus osteopathy – life is movement

With more than 70 service centers and around 780.The VIACTIV health insurance company is one of the largest company health insurance companies in Germany. The “new” health insurance company that emerged from BKK vor Ort represents fitness and an active, healthy lifestyle. The former national player Christoph Metzelder is a VIACTIV brand ambassador and embodies the values of the health insurance company with his sporting successes: sportsmanship, performance orientation, sincerity and team spirit.

Insured persons benefit considerably from subsidies for complementary preventive and curative methods. Especially active athletes increasingly use the VIACTIV osteopathy additional service for injury prevention or support of the healing process. The Osteopathie benefit plus offers special health protection according to the osteopathic basic assumption “life is movement”.

For quality assured osteopathy treatments VIACTIV pays up to 360 Euro subsidy per year. According to the VIACTIV motto “Performance on principle”, the health insurance company reimburses 90 percent of the costs for a maximum of six osteopathic treatments and up to 60 euros per treatment unit.

Health insurance change 2016: 360 euro subsidy for Osteopathie treatments secure

If you want to secure a 360 euro subsidy for osteopathy treatments, you can change your health insurance in 2016 and benefit from the VIACTIV advantages. The dedicated health team ensures an uncomplicated, safe and fast change of health insurances. Interested parties can request a free information package including change documents.

The fastest way to change health insurer in 2016 is with the online application for admission. service offered by the sporty health insurance company VIACTIV includes a free 24-hour health advice service. The medical health hotline also provides detailed information on the effects, treatment and application of osteopathy as a natural healing method.

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