Chili – hot pod and spice for a healthy life

Chili for a healthy life

Chili enriches many dishes with a mild to intense spiciness. But in addition to this flavor enhancement, the spice has a positive effect on health in many ways.

Here it is not only about an improved well-being, but about a partly massive influence on the physical constitution. For this reason, chili is part of intensive research that investigates the numerous effects.

Medical areas in connection with chili

The chili pepper comes from the family of nightshade plants. It contains an alkaloid called capsaicin, which, together with other (secondary) plant substances, not only provides the spiciness, but also combines a number of anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

For example, chili has a positive effect on the digestive system due to its influence on the intestinal flora. Among the other interesting aspects is the contribution to weight reduction.

Chili not only acts as a natural appetite suppressant, but also boosts energy and thus calorie consumption. The intake can still be supported by supplements / nutritional supplements.

The other fields of application of chili are: Circulatory disorders, skin diseases, muscle pain as well as the use as an aphrodisiac. Research is also being conducted in connection with chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.

Areas such as migraines, bladder weakness, hypertension, and ulcers illustrate how extensive the effects can be. This opens up a number of current and future fields of research and long-term studies.

A current study of the University of Beijing, which was published in the „British Medical Journal“ certifies the hot pod even a reduction in total mortality. However, with the restriction that besides the regular consumption of spicy food, other factors can also have an influence on this effect. The causal relationships can not be clearly clarified here.

Further research suggests that the use of the pod can even be applied as a preventive measure against cancer. The reason for this is that capsaicin attacks carcinogenic toxins in the body without having a harmful effect on healthy body cells. Also considered safe is the positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

The method of ingestion and application

In addition to dietary intake, it can also be applied in patch, ointment, pill and capsule form. The extent to which chili preparations are really suitable is, however, controversial to some extent. There are several ways to add it to food preparation.

In addition to fresh chili peppers, pastes and the well-known powder, products refined with chili are also among the refiners of the menu. An example of this is flavored olive oil.

The dosage of chili

The ingestion of chili in dishes is quite possible several times a week. However, can and should be varied in the dosage of spiciness. Eating regularly to the point of massive sweating is not necessary and even harmful.

Here above all the personal taste decides on the income. Possible risks should also be considered. Nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure and irritation of the mucous membrane are possible. Children react here clearly more sensitively than adults.

The type of application is related to the various effects. For the weight-regulating properties, for example, the supply through the food is elementary.

In the form of capsules or similar, it could not develop its desired effect. Compared to other forms of administration, the intake through food is the most sensible.

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