Intueat Experiences – Achieving a Feel Good Weight through Intuitive Eating

Intueat experiences – The program to the well-being feeling weight

Times again a new Diät will think so some, if it reads the first line. But it is not about a diet in the conventional sense at all.

Intueat gain experience and internalize with the program of Mrs. Dr. Mareike Awe.

The eternal topic about losing weight, about diets, overweight, all this accompanies most of us sometimes more, sometimes less in life. Frustrated by the renunciation, by countless crash diets and hunger.

At the end then nevertheless again the question: “How do I reach only a body weight, in which I feel completely well??”

Mrs. Dr. Mareike Awe developed exactly to this topic a program, which leads you over a longer period step by step together through it.

First of all, you are not alone with your “problem”.

Intueat – The program

Intueat experiences means: Intuitive eating as a chance to communicate with oneself, to feel oneself, to listen to oneself and later to act from these experiences. That sounds good at first, or?

In the first steps it is explained to you why all the other well-known parliamentary allowance do not lead to success and cause in us the opposite, the well-known Jojo effect. Understand why this is a recurring cycle.

It begins a journey into the inner I with a mental audio training. In an exercise book you note down all your important findings, your successes, but also your still open questions and thoughts.

This is important so that you can always check how your development is progressing. Recognize your goal, become aware of it. A clearly defined goal, which you will work towards in the coming time.

Why actually lose weight?

There are umpteen reasons, but knowing exactly and questioning makes a difference. If it is about health, about mobility, about a job? Why you want to achieve the goal you have set for yourself?

The more aware you are of the individual facts, the easier it will be to reach your goal. Eating to live, because it is necessary and because we need energy to master the day, our tasks.

But also food as a pleasure, smelling and tasting it consciously. Distinguish when we eat out of frustration, when we eat to cover something up, when we no longer experience a feeling of fullness.

What keeps you from reaching your goal?

Exercises and audios accompany you in this program. Take time for yourself. An important milestone in the program is to discover yourself, to get to know yourself and to be open and honest with yourself.

Once you have achieved this, you will be able to see with open eyes where the obstacles of your eating behavior are. Accept yourself as you are! Because you are a great person!

Accept your being and feel how important it is to reach an ideal weight and what you can do with it. Feel how great it makes you feel. Reach your feel-good weight!

The discovery of wrong eating habits and the turning away of these leads to an undreamt-of freedom. Now you can tell for yourself if you are really hungry or if you are reaching for something to eat out of habit.

In the end, each day will contribute to the consolidation, the newly learned to implement and thus automatically, without starving, you will reach your ideal weight.

Your subconscious will accept and consolidate the new you. Therefore, it is even more important to take a little time for yourself every day. Do I eat what I like, what is good for me and what makes me feel good??

Eat consciously, slowly, with consideration and feel and accept the saturation of your body. With this program you will become more self-confident and self-determined.

Gaining Intueat experience

Intuitive eating: Eat when your body says it needs something. Eat to live. Eat to enjoy. Tasks, exercises, audios, checklists will accompany you during this program.

Piece by piece you will be guided to your insights and changes. The course is simple and easy to understand. To incorporate it into your daily life is uncomplicated. No matter when you take your time, you are not bound to a certain time or place.

The time you invest every day will soon be returned to you, when you no longer have to think about what to eat and where to get it.

Work with it at your own pace. You can listen to the audios and messages as often as you need to. Motivating are the easy-to-understand e-books with healthy delicious recipes to recreate.

It’s just great that everything happens without rules and prohibitions. You will also receive regular video messages and emails from Dr. Mareike Awe.

Intueat will change and enrich your life, because this program is not only about food, but about you, your soul and your body.

With your final weight you will be happier, more satisfied, more spontaneous and feel more comfortable in your own skin, because you will change your eating behavior forever.

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