Kinesiology tape test – What should be paid attention to when buying

Kinesiology tape – versatile applicable

Do you know kinesiology tape? Have you watched any sports competitions lately?? Then you will have noticed that athletes wear numerous colorful patches on their skin.

No it is not a new sponsor, but only the Kinesiotape. This is currently very trendy and is indispensable at sporting events.

What is the kinesiology tape suitable for?

If you now suspect that this is just a fashionable trend, then you are unfortunately mistaken. Because the tape is suitable to fix the muscles and protect against injuries. They fix the muscle areas but not only, as the classic sports tabs do, but support the muscle area in the sports activities enormously.

The joint mobility and muscle mobility are maintained and additionally increased. For athletes, these tapes from the kinesiology tape test are definitely a relief and provide added value not only in sports competition, but also during training sessions.

The properties of a kinesiology tape are comprehensive and will also convince you quickly. In addition to a good price-performance ratio, the Taps of course also have a skin-friendliness to demonstrate. In addition, most kinesiology tapes are breathable, elastic and water resistant.

If you also like to be active in sports and not only want to simply protect your muscles and joints, but also want to increase mobility, then leave it here. In the kinesiology tape test, the applications and also the purchase decisions were compiled.

The correct use of the kinesiology tape

The application of a kinesiology tape is quite easy to define. Because the tapes can be attached to all conceivable body parts.

According to this, the tape is very flexible and individual. You can use the tape especially for sports injuries, to support and fix muscles, tendons and ligaments.

But also in case of tension, torn ligaments or torn muscle fibers, a tape is useful in the application. If you now think that this already concludes the areas of application, then you are unfortunately wrong.

Because the tapes are also excellent for other complaints, including headaches, menstrual cramps and rheumatism.

When applying the tape, you can either try it on yourself or have a medical professional or friend help you. To learn the correct application you can visit a therapist. Note, however, that there are always two goals when applying the tapes. When detonated, the affected muscle area is stabilized and activities are minimized.

In addition to this target application, toning is also to be mentioned. In this case the muscles are strengthened. In the latter case, the tape is applied in the opposite direction of the muscles.

Please note that the skin must always be clean before you apply the tape. In addition, the tape must always be applied on tension. Only in this way can the pull of the kinesiology tape allow sufficient strengthening.

Is the kinesiology tape hygienic?

A kinesiology tape can stay on a skin spot for several hours or even days. This is entirely due to the composition of the adhesive, which is used in the tape. Now the question arises how hygienic a tape is? The kinesiology tape test quickly reveals that the application is very hygienic.

The tapes are all water permeable and also air permeable. These properties are made possible above all by the mixture of materials. A kinesiology tape is always made of cotton and synthetic materials, which allow a high level of hygiene. Neither water stagnation nor air stagnation can form under the tape. The tape can be included into the body care.

What to consider when buying the kinesiology tape

If you have already taken a look at the market, you will quickly realize that kinesiology tapes are available in a wide selection. Meanwhile, the manufacturers have made the tapes available in all imaginable colors, so that you can also wear your favorite color on the skin. When considering and making a purchase decision, you should definitely take into account the price differences.

When buying, it should be taken into account that the tapes have different qualities in elasticity and adhesive use. This means that not all kinesiology tapes are equally elastic and stick for the same length of time.

Most manufacturers use an acrylic adhesive in the formulation of the adhesive surfaces. This is kept appropriately skin friendly and can be gently removed from the skin. In the material processing and in the use the tapes are all the same.

So find out in advance through the kinesiology tape test very precisely how the tapes work and what loads they must withstand. When applying the tapes you can’t do much wrong, however, you should think carefully about the purchase.

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