The advantages of professional teeth cleaning at a glance

An overview of the benefits of professional teeth cleaning

More and more people are choosing to have their teeth professionally cleaned at regular intervals. Many health insurance companies even cover the costs for young patients.

One thing is certain: if you clean your teeth regularly, using the right technique and a high-quality toothpaste, you lay the foundation for good oral hygiene. Why then still for example additionally on the professional tooth cleaning in Saarbruecken with Malte Schaefer set?

“Good brushing” does not replace professional dental cleaning!

With the help of a toothbrush and toothpaste, not all dirt can be completely removed. Many areas are difficult to access… and this is exactly where caries and co. can develop. and influence oral health. In short: professional teeth cleaning starts exactly where the patient can no longer reach with “normal brushing”.

A “nice side effect” is that with the help of the professional variant, crowns and bridges often last longer.

What is the typical procedure for professional teeth cleaning??

The procedure depends on the respective practice. In general, however, it makes sense to combine the cleaning with the semi-annual check-up appointment. This allows the dentist not only to examine the entire oral cavity, but also to remove any tartar

The advantage: If the tartar has been removed, the teeth can not only be cleaned with the cleaning paste, but can also be extensively treated with the polishing paste afterwards.

Other interesting facts about professional teeth cleaning

For a PZR not much time must be kept free in the appointment calendar. As a rule, the entire procedure only takes up to 60 minutes.

Furthermore, there is (as mentioned above) no standardized procedure according to which the PZR should be carried out. The respective steps vary from dentist to dentist and also depend on individual circumstances and the age of the patient.

Currently, it is recommended to have professional teeth cleaning twice a year and to support the positive effect, for example, by using dental floss.

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