Rzte jobs and shortage of specialists – From country doctor to specialist

Jobs for doctors

A shortage of health care professionals, namely in the form of a shortage of doctors, is already a bitter reality in some areas of Germany. There are fewer and fewer young doctors, who are settling more and more in urban centers and medical care is becoming increasingly difficult for everyone.

Country doctors – Healthy country air alone is not enough

Especially in the less populated rural areas, far away from large urban centers, such as the Ruhrpott, or from large cities, it is doubly difficult for people to get medically adequate care. This is rooted in not one but two interlocking phenomena.

On the one hand, the young people are drawn to the cities, because here are the industry and universities and life offers especially the 20-40 year olds a lot of amenities and diversion. However, this is accompanied by the fact that the older and per se more disease-prone people stay in the villages, but there is hardly any doctor who wants to settle in such village areas.

Specialists in particular, such as ophthalmologists, orthopedists or oral surgeons, can often only be found in neighboring cities and are difficult for the less mobile elderly to reach.

Medical specialists – big city plants instead of crops

But why is working as a country doctor so unattractive for young, ambitious doctors, after all it offers a secure job? The reason, it seems, lies precisely in the ambition of the few young doctors who successfully complete their studies each semester.

Medical studies are long, expensive and demand a lot from the student, after all, the profession of a doctor is one of the most responsible. As a patient, you can expect to be treated only by the best, after all, you are putting your own health in someone else’s hands. Of course, the young doctors also want to go to work with commitment and deal as detailed as possible with all types and forms of diseases in their respective fields.

In a large hospital, the chances of specializing in hands as a surgeon or in laser technology as an ophthalmologist and thus becoming a recognized expert in one’s field are incomparably greater than in a small medical practice.

Diseases that the country doctor treats are usually flu-like infections, lumbago and minor injuries, the treatment of which is unfortunately not in an attractive proportion to the study costs and the effort expended.

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