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With any physical illness, it will be of crucial importance for the healing, what kind of human image one has. If one is a orthodox physician, one is convinced that the symptom can also be treated symptomatically.

If one believes that illness has to do with body, soul and environment, one will prefer holistic concepts. A hard core claims that every disease is solely due to psychic primordial conflicts, these are the psychoanalysts.

It is a fact that in the last few years there has been a change in the way the disease or. The health consciousness of the people has set in, illness is understood individually and the health professionals provide many different therapies for it.

He who heals is right

The field of alternative medicine, under which a number of combined healing methods have gathered, such as orthomolecular medicine and homeopathy.

The medicinal herbs application, acupuncture and hypnosis. Schüßler salts and the whole field of energetic healing.

All methods have in common the care for the individual history of the disease. Healing is seen in all alternative schools as a total concept-human process with attention to nutrition, lifestyle habits, etc. All factors in harmony result in health.

The big four

Homeopathy cures „like with like“. The substance that helps the client is the one that, conversely, would cause the same symptoms in a healthy person. The basic substances are potentized, which makes them act more or less intensively.

Just as for this treatment method, the interest in medicinal herb applications has increased, which can be prepared well even as a tea and, according to Hildegard von Bingen, help against every physical ailment.

Modern researchers find plants whose extracts have long been used by primitive peoples against pain and fever.

Not quite as well known as Hahnemann`s homeopathy are the salts of Schüßler.

He assumed that a person becomes ill when the mineral balance is disturbed and that the body usually lacks a mineral. He found twelve salts, which he held responsible for almost all diseases.

Finally, orthomolecular medicine, which has been established for thirty years, especially in America, should be mentioned. Through hypoallergenic supplements, d.h. by the body’s own substances the biochemical imbalance in the organism is restored and health is achieved.

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Outlook – AllergyResearch Group®

Due to the rapid increase of allergies caused by environmental influences, stress, wrong nutrition, the AllergyResearch Group® is very successful with its distribution of vitamins and minerals on orthomolecular-medical basis.

They also carry out innovative research in the fight against allergies. You can also order the preparations of AllergyResearch Group® online.

In the Berlin Charite is the seat of the ECARF-European Centre for AllergyResearch Foundation, which are leaders in the allergy research sector.

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